Our Portfolio


Fairy Nice Essentials Lotions

This lady created a lotion and moisture line out of her love for essential oils and healing herbs.  Her products are refreshing and do as they promise. To see and order these … More


Mayrui Memphis

One of our favorite restaurants in Memphis is Mayuri Memphis. But when we started going to eat there, they had some serious web issues. We took the before website shown below and … More

Image Publishing great coffee table books

Image Publishing

Image Publishing specializes in elegant coffee table books and is currently working on the State Collection.  Their website, while nice, was dated and ready to reflect their … More

American Corvettes and Classics Parts Locators

American Corvettes and Classics

Imagine the surprise and joy of the owner of this spiffy business when he received his first international call (albeit in the middle of the night) from someone looking for a part … More

ATMS Springfield for your bookkeeping needs

ATMS Springfield Bookkeeping

This great company, specializing in helping small businesses with their bookkeeping needs came to us for a professional web presence.  Through our creative efforts ATMS Springfield … More

Mayrui Memphis - for great Indian food


Their website was originally a flyer they put on the web and called it a website. They called us to see what we could do for them. The rest, as they say, is history. We started … More

What We Do and How We Do It

The Process of Creating a Site

DigitalOatmeal works with you to make your website. If you don’t know what to expect, or where to start, that’s ok. Our professional team works with you to bring your message out.   … MORE

Decide What You Need

Our web professionals work with you to find out exactly what you want and need. This is a very early stage in the website process where we determine the scope of your project. Do you have the text for your site, or are we writing it? Do you want a huge website or a business card site? Do you need a … MORE

The Development Phase of your website project

Once we have come to an agreement on what it will take to help you build or grow your business, then we proceed to the Development Phase of your website where we begin work on the actual layout of the site, without the graphics. During the Development Phase the site begins to take shape. The text is … MORE

The Design Phase

Time to add pictures and more to your website The Design Phase is where we show you our proposal for the front page and get your feedback. We will also show you our ideas for the layout and design of the inside pages. Once we have agreed to how the site will look and feel, we can then go back to … MORE

Graphics, an Important Element of Branding

There are a lot of factors that make a great website or book. One of them is graphics. Well designed graphics make your website look better and will encourage visitors to stay and read what you have written. Branding is how your customers see you…as the only one who can provide the goods or services … MORE


“Since DigitalOatmeal created my new website from the old one, business has increased by 25% and now have grown to two offices. They updated my site and I see nothing but blue skies and a booming business future.” –Kerri Cuff, ATMSSpringfield www.atmsspringfield.com “I’m tickled that you … MORE